2 weeks ago

American Express Centurion: The Black Card

Available Only To A Select Few

For those of you that are wondering, my name is not Cheung Chun Keung and that is not my hand holding that Amex Black Card...But I kind of wish that the card did belong to me and that my name is Cheung Chun Ke read more...

3 weeks ago

NYC May Face Mental Health Crisis

The staff of Mt. Sinai Medical Center on New York City's Upper East Side, like those at many mental health clinics here these days, is stretched thin.

Since Sept. 11, about 20 Mt. Sinai staffers are fielding a growing number of calls to a s read more...

4 weeks ago

Medicine :: Facts About Hearing Aids

There must be plenty of patience put to use when someone gets a hearing aid for the first time, both from the wearer and from the family and friends. The personnel fitting of the hearing aid to the patient should also be patient. A family, and the read more...

4 weeks ago

How Oscar Pistorius' Psych Report Could Impact Murder Trial

When Oscar Pistorius' murder trial resumes Monday the court will hear whether he had a psychological disability when he shot and killed his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp and that diagnosis could have a significant impact on his trial.

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4 weeks ago

Medicine :: The Truth About Lyric Hearing Aids

With the exception of audiologists and the rare hearing enthusiast, most people don't find the topic of hearing aids of much interest. So when a hearing aid gets as much buzz as Lyric has, it's hard to ignore. The Lyric hearing aid has been cove read more...