3 years ago

Dear ela blog #23

G.why do i feel like somethings kahapon im always looking at him.what the purpose G? i cant understant whats the mening give me a clue G why do i feel like that?

G wala namang something diba pero ano ung kahapon.im wondering G why he tal read more...

3 years ago

Dear ela blog #22

G ano po ba ang plans ninyo sa life ko? im really currios for what gonna happen G. i try to be good and have more patient but G some people are over. that times that i cant handle my patient anymore.

how can i let this get in my life. G read more...

3 years ago

Dear ela blog #21

G? why do i feel like this. like pain super pain. kung may something man na i feel like this emotion or physical lang about?


or love ones why ba G people feel pain in everytimes why do we need to feel t read more...

3 years ago

Dear ela blog #20

G ganon pala ang feeling pag firsttime. in first time exited when it happens you want to stop na when it stop na you want to try again.

G its realy fun when you a thing that first time i really have a loser mind and heart and body.


3 years ago

Deal ela blog #19

We all know na ang lie ang pagsisinungaling.sometimes we have a good intention in lie but the best thing in there .is theire still a bad side ang pagsisinungaling.

sometimes ang lie nalalaman sa end. dahil sa end ang justice sa end sasab read more...

3 years ago

Dear ela blog #18

Choose to a better and beautiful side.

we asking for someones opion? dahil sabi nga nila ask for someone who realy see you truly.

choosing the right side or good side is hard you need to work out asking for someone. para mas be read more...

3 years ago

Dear ela blog #17

Consideration. saying na sinasabi ng tao if they want to consider to others. but its hard to considerete to others if they can .

some people doing consideration to other to get what they deserve or what they want.