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Guardian Information! Both of those Storm and Earth, PvE and PvP

Hi absolutely everyone here nowadays I’m intending to share to you what I have learnt in CBT about Guardian each storm and earth so that you really don't make the same miscalculation as I do in OBT

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EOS: Bastion of Cork Dungeon Guideline

This is actually the fourth solo dungeon from the set. This dungeon is nearly a tower protection setup. You're experiencing off towards numerous waves of enemies. The real trick to this dungeon is preparing. Be sure you have plenty of therapeu read more...

3 years ago

EOS - Soul Procedure Manual

The soul process in EOS is utilised to provide gamers with huge buffs with rather tiny work. When a player kills a monster, they obtain a single chaos soul. These chaos souls are collected routinely, and they are positioned from the player’s read more...

3 years ago

How EOS Handles Dungeons in a very Healer-Less Video game

Online games currently are already aiming to crack the “healer, tank, DPS” cycle, with various amounts of good results. One example is, Guild Wars 2 technically does have healers, even though there is not anything that is definitely se read more...

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PvE Farming

Earth Guardian is perfect in making $_$, adding to the collector profession you may become a currency

generating martial lord.

According to your personal situation, taking all factors into consideration, find out the one seller read more...

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EOS Courses Guideline


Job: Sustained Melee Injury / Group Defender

Most  eos gold seller   have a timetable on their website that shows an estimate of how long i read more...

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What exactly are Souls in EOS?

Souls essentially have two roles in EoS: they are utilized like a materials (for Soul Industry experts) and as being a form of self-buffing. With the previous, they help craft different gems, and for the latter there are four distinct buffs, depen read more...