2 years ago

What you should know about software and internet recruiting

Recruiting has altered substantially in the last 25 years. The primary car of change has actually been the Net. Other driving elements are business adjustments and even technical weather changes not necessarily relevant to the Web. I additionally read more...

2 years ago

Postings about Headhunting.

Headhunting may sound like a task for trained assassins, however it is actually a really certain type of employment. Headhunters are traditionally regarded as even more hostile and also shrewd in their recruitment tactics compared to even more con read more...

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Willkommen und Danke fuer Deinen Besuch!

Viel gibt es zu mir zu sagen. Gegenwaertig wohne und arbeite ich in Bielefeld. Beruf Personalreferent. Mein Hobby: Surfen. Geboren 1982 in Deutschland. Ich bin fuer Anregungen dankbar.