7 months ago

Pull Ups & Exercises For Growing Taller!

Exercises have been proven to add inches to a humans height for a long while. The reason behind this theory is that the earth's gravity pull up bar the read more...

7 months ago

Gymnastics Level Balance Beam Times

Gymnastics level 1, 2 and 3 balance beam routine has a time limit of 30 seconds.

· Gymnastics level 4 beam routine has a time limit of 50 seconds.

· Gymnastics level 5 balance beam rout

7 months ago

You Too Can Build Free Bar Ambiance in Your Own Home

We have all heard of the classic basement bar, a few stools, a keg or two, some over bearing neon drink lights and you are in business. However, since basement bars are typically found in cooler climates, if you live in a warmer region what is you read more...

8 months ago

Want A Bigger Back? Here Are The Best Back Exercises To Get It

Both men AND women that are into fitness, desire to have a great looking back. There's nothing that completes your look better than having that "V" shape. I'm here to tell you, that