5 months ago

Study links BPA in plastics to erectile dysfunction

Several companies have announced that they will voluntarily phase out the chemical from their products.


BPA-exposed workers had lower sex drive and lower satisfaction with sex lifeThe greater the BPA exposure, the mo read more...

9 months ago

How To Pick The Right Nlp Training For You

In the NLP training courses strategy of state elicitation and anchor, your client has the ability to access a beneficial state at will or at any time he chooses. Likewise, with this NLP courses technique, he gets the opportunity to explor read more...

1 year ago

Dogs :: Eye Infections In Dogs

Iguanas are very curious and may cause a great deal of damage to your home or themselves if let roam around unattended. But plants also provide a great many other unique and beneficial elements to them, many of which we're just starting to underst read more...

1 year ago

Apple boss Tim Cook bigs up AR, throws shade on VR

Apple boss Tim Cook bigs up AR, throws shade on VR | TechRadar

Augmented reality or virtual reality? Which is the future of entertainment and computing interaction? Perhaps the answer is both, but were you to ask the questions at Apple's Cu read more...

1 year ago

City buildings free of bedbugs after 2 weeks

Toledo Municipal Court remained bedbug-free this week two weeks after the building got a top-to-bottom treatment to remove the hard-to-kill pests.

The bugs were also spotted on the 14