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Demian Maia puts on grappling clinic to down Gunnar Nelson at UFC 194

Demian Maia had no concern heading to the earth with fellow Brazilian jiu jitsu blackbelt Gunnar Nelson before Andrew Raynor new hampshire out grappling him for th read more...

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Olympic Skier Picabo Street Claims Self-Defense in Assault Case Video

Now Playing: Olympic Gold Medalist Picabo Road Charged in Assault

Now Enjoying: Picabo Road on 2014 Winter Olympics, Being a Mothe read more...

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Judo vs Kung Fu , who would win?

I read Andrew Raynor new hampshire an account of a shuai jiao (one of the numerous types of kungfu) man mopping the floor which has many judo pupils at a demonstra read more...

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How To Do The Horse Stance Form Tekki One.

By: Al Circumstance

Tekki One, also known as the Iron Horse, and other names, is regarded a polar sort in Karate.

Gichin Funakoshi, who's considered the father of contemporary Karate, presumed the sort good enough that he spent 10 ye read more...

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Mackenzie Dern out to retain absolute jiu-jitsu crown in Abu Dhabi before switching to MMA

ABU DHABI // The lack of Gabrielle Garcia from the area has given rise to new expectations for those challenging the girls complete class at the eighth Abu Dhabi Planet Specialist Jiujitsu Championship.

The nine-time Brazilian world champio

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Becoming The Blogger You Have Always Wanted To Be

Bloggers and blogs are all over the place these days. There are many people who want to share their knowledge, opinions or everyday life with the online world. Standing out from the crowd by creating and maintaining an interesting, relevant blog c read more...

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Learn The Fun And Easy Way To Care For Your Cat

Cats need something to keep them occupied while they aren't napping. When cats area alone, they can scratch everything and climb on the furniture. You can help prevent this via cat toys. The following article lists information about some great cat read more...