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Neck Pain Information: Recent Blog Posts

By: Stephanie Burke | Feb 28, 2017

A neck strain or sprain can cause symptoms that range from simple stiffness and discomfort to extremely p read more...

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Back pain tied to increased fall risk for older men | Reuters

(Reuters Health) - - Back pain is the most common type of pain older men complain of, and it could signal a greater risk of falling, even for people with no other disabilities, according to a recent U.S. study.

"We know that older people wi

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Sciatica Symptoms - for You To Watch Out For

The doctor will first prescribe probably some pain killing medication to assist you deal this pain you are. These usually are non-narcotic in the beginning to see if they operate. In severe cases, the doctors may prescribe stronger narcotic painki read more...

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Lawrence Baseball Retooled And Ready To Contend

Transformation Prior versions be that my daughter shopped for clothes in my closet. But lately, our roles have reversed. She doesn't hesitate to get "upfront and personal" using what clothes I should buy, and she often brings me outfits from her c read more...

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Symptoms Of Back Pain And lumbar Region Pain you Ought To Know

Lumbar muscle strain will be the most common cause for low lumbar pain. Though the patient may or may not remember the trigger for back pain, these lumbar pain episodes usually resolve on top of a few weeks' time the rest and medication.

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