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Positive Noise for "Quiet" by Susan Cain

In a media-driven world that covers the ebullient and dramatic lives of celebrities, an emphasis on being outgoing, cheerful, gregarious, and

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Walter Palmer, Minnesota dentist who killed Cecil the lion, returns to work

BLOOMINGTON, Minn. - The Minnesota dentist who killed Cecil the lion returned to work Tuesday after weeks away, walking silently past a swarm of media and a handful of protesters outside his small dental practice calling for him to be sent to Zimb read more...

2 years ago

Cecil the lion backlash: Where is dentist Walter Palmer?

The Minnesota dentist has gone underground in the onslaught of criticism after he killed a prized African lion named Cecil.

It probably shouldn't come as a surprise; an angry horde of Cecil supporters is calling for his head to be mounted o read more...

2 years ago

Non-Lion-Hunting Dentist Makes Fun Of Lion-Hunting Dentist On His Office Sign

Back in July, dentistWalter Palmer infamously hunted Zimbabwe's beloved Cecil the Lion, read more...

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How to Run a Horse Breeding Farm

Breeding horses can be a rewarding and lucrative career for those who know the business and can run their breeding farm properly. Serious horse lovers will pay top dollar f read more...

2 years ago

Two Zimbabweans granted bail in death of Cecil the lion

Theo Bronchorst, a professional hunter, and Honest Trymore Ndlovu, a landowner, both Zimbabweans, said through their attorney that they were innocent of poaching charges, which officials said could bring a sentence of 10 years in prison.

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