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St Patrick's Day's Recipes - Holy Cow! Now That Was Tasty!

Lamb is often considered a special occasion meat and a lot of people don't know what wine to serve with lamb. Depending on how you have prepared it, different types of wine are best suited to your lamb. We can't be in the kitchen with you, read more...

2 weeks ago

A Short History Of Indian Food

In a bowl, combine the milk, oats, onion and salt. Crumble the beef over the mixture and mix together well. Shape into 1-inch balls. Place balls into a 5-quart slow cooker.

Any good choice for breakfast foods usually involved plenty read more...

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Easy And Comforting Macaroni And Cheese

As a super busy working mom, I couldn't live without my slow cooker. Slow cookers are wonderful for helping busy families enjoy healthy hom read more...

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Steps To Prepare Pad Thai Recipe

This article will discuss about appetite boosting herbal remedies. This is based on the question from someone i know of mine who is finding when someone difficult utilizing the low carbohydrate version on the diet at the moment.

If gastrono

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Irish Stout Stew Recipe

Every good Irish cook will be pulling out their traditional recipes soon since St. Patrick's Day is only a few weeks away. On this day it is a tradition to pull out those old recipes, dust them off and recreate them. Even if you are not Irish, thi read more...

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Breadman Tr2700 Bread Machine Assessment

Are you one of those cooks that have learned tender meat is beyond your realm of understanding? Can't seem to get perfect gravy? Do you find yourself turning green with envy when you savor meals at the homes of others while yours seem to lay like read more...