1 year ago

US: Mistaken Coalition Airstrikes in Syria Were Legal

The U.S. military on Tuesday blamed human error for what it called a mistaken coalition air assault Sept. 17 that reportedly killed dozens of Syrian soldiers. Targeters believed they were directing attacks on Islamic State fighters, and because th read more...

1 year ago

Washington must address legal help for minors in immigration court. - Los Angeles Times

Talk about a rigged system. If youre a child an unaccompanied minor, who arrived at the border from Central America seeking permission to live in the U.S., you have a 75% chance of winning your case if you have a lawyer. If you do not have a lawye read more...

1 year ago

Hi, And Welcome To My New Site And Blog.

Hey there, and welcome to my new website and blog.

I'm intending to make this an interactive location where readers can come to share their thoughts on the posts I compose. You can let me understand what you liked, what you didn't, or exac read more...