4 months ago

Sinorock self drilling hollow bolt is available in various diameters

Offering strong anchoring force with small size, light weight, portable, simple operation and reliable security, self drilling hollow bolt has been an read more...

4 months ago

Rock bolt can eliminate dust in the drilling hole

Rock bolt is a safe, effective, and economical anchoring method. When the tunnel is built in the terrain or the surrounding of broken rocks, loose soil layer and difficult to dr read more...

5 months ago

Self drilling anchor bolt system can guarantee the normal operation and safety

Self drilling anchor bolt system is a structural system transferring tension to stable stratum or soil layer. It consists of anchor head, free segme read more...

5 months ago

Stainless steel rock anchor has been widely used by many countries

Quality stainless steel rock anchor is of great importance in construction projects. The hollow threaded bar is a kind of supporting read more...

5 months ago

Self drilling rock bolting system is a comprehensive anchoring system

Self drilling rock bolting system offers a single operation of lengthening and drilling, which is extensively suitable for narrow space and of limited read more...

5 months ago

Self drilling rock bolts are mainly used for the reinforcement of weak rocks

The self drilling rock bolts are mainly used in complicated conditions, weak surrounding rock, highland stress large deformation, were support, rescue, landslides and read more...

6 months ago

The service life of stainless steel rock anchor can reach to 120 years

To accomplish complex drilling tasks like tunneling, grouting or slope stabilization, self drilling rock anchor is utilized for efficient performance. Next