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Montana Bear Hunting Guides

They are called Mule Deer because of their very large ears. They range in color from dark grey to ash grey. Their rump has a large patch of white and a white patch on the throat. The tail is white but ends in a black tuft of hair.


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Guide To Choosing Shotgun Ammo For Hunting Ammunition

Skip had tuned the radio to a local station that played nothing but "Oldies but Goodies '" all the time," and so the four men listened to the Beatles beg them to "Let it be" as Skip air-scissored Old George Krumpacker's non-existent thatch of hair read more...

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Hunting Wild Game In Ohio

Disturbing is the fact that people intentionally feed bears to make them more visible for viewing or pho read more...

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Bear Sightings Are Up In Ohio

Fight Back. If a bear attacks, fight back as you continue to leave the area. Bears have been driven aw read more...

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Make A Birthday Special - Plan mothers Day Atv Excursion For Your Kids

By the end of the second week she called to tell me she was almost entirely rid of her dermatitis and thank me for my assistance. Really, there was no work involved for me beyond a little research.