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La canción 'Loca' que canta Shakira, tiene sentencia por copia

NUEVA YORK (AP) Un juez federal en Nueva York concluy esta semana que el xito musical "Loca", de Shakira, viola los derechos de autor y el trabajo del cantante dominicano Ramn Arias Vsquez, quien la escribi a finales de la dcada de 1990 y cuya pr read more...

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Best games for the iPad (and Android tablets, too)

The iPad and other tablets are amazing gadgets with so many capabilities. There are apps that are revolutionizing medicine, science, art, music and business. But let's be honest: We really love the games.

With tens of thousands of games to

2 years ago

Top 5 Best Websites For Download Android Games For Free (2015)

1. http://play.mob.org/

2. http://www.apkdrawer.com/

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Fatties Have Feelings, Too | Jenelle Riley

A few years ago, my nephew walked up to me and proclaimed, apropos associated with nothing: "You're fat!" The idea helped me remarkably sad. not because I had been getting teased, I may handle that. but since this is someone who offers known me si read more...