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REGAL ENTERTAINMENT GROUP SHAREHOLDER ALERT: Former SEC Attorney Willie Briscoe Believes the Acquisition by Cineworld Group PLC May be Unfair to Share

DALLAS--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Former United States Securities and Exchange Commission attorney Willie

Briscoe is investigating potential claims against the Board of

Directors of Regal Entertainment Group ("Regal") (NYSE: RGC) concerning read more...

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Michigan Lawyer Fees - Client-Lawyer Fee Agreements and Collection

What is my case worth?Credit: http://www.thelawyerhub.com/

Michigan lawyer fees collection is done by collection lawyers through collection attorneys and their staff. Th read more...

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Medical Malpractice Lawsuits

One of https://www.lawyer.com/ the basic factors that link medicine with law is negligence, which is a part of tort. Law of tort deals with cases wherein, a wrongful act read more...

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Lawyers | Buzzle.com

This Buzzle article discusses how...

How to be able to Discover a new Pro Bono Divorce Lawyer

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GM hires bankruptcy lawyers - report

. Miller is a "bankruptcy veteran," according for the Journal.

GM (GM, Fortune 500) continues in order to be burning through money as sales plummet and credit remains tight. First Published: December 11, 2008: 7:36 PM ET

The Wall Str

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Finding A Car Accident Lawyer

He really has been able to obtain my relative a number of monetary relay, nevertheless was furthermore in the position to negotiate with his insurance organization so that will they wouldn't raise his premiums, viewing as it was not his fault to s read more...