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Arab American Institute Foundation Gala Honors St. Jude's Hospital, Fannie Mae, RFK Center, Aga Khan Foundation & Focus: Hope.

Kennedy during his inaugural address.

Members of the media are welcome to spend for the event and really should RSVP to always be able to Jenny Salan from 202-429-9210 or perhaps [email protected]

WHO: Arab A

2 years ago

Donate Household Items to Charity

If you would like to donate household items to charity, you'll have plenty of option, some of which will require almost no work on your part. In fact, many local charitable organizations still make house calls, and will pick up your unwanted thing read more...

2 years ago

Women's Issues :: Gretchen Voss Aborts Pastor Melissa Scott's Ministry

Gretchen Voss, the self-celebrated writer who calls her abortion, "the easiest decision I've ever made," is out for destruction again -- but this time she's attacking more than just a helpless fetus. Apparently, destroying the life of her own chil read more...