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To start with, I think being a nudist/naturist is a self-diagnosed ailment. There's no precise check list of aspects, and I can't describe anyone else

I consider myself a naturist/naturist because the skill to be clothing-free, sky-clad, nude, is significant if you ask me. It doesn't interfere with the fabric segments of my life, but being a nudist/naturist is on the list of characteristics with read more...

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I believe the fetishisation of breasts in our culture has resulted in hostility towards public breastfeeding. They have been found in some states as p

"The sexualisation of breasts in pictures and the media would put me off breastfeeding if I were to have a child. Breasts have powerful sexual connotationsand it'd feel wrong' to have a infant's mouth suckling on them."
"After years of feeling

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The Top 15 Way Amazing Reasons To Spend a Day or a Weekend at a Nudist Campground/Shore

Written by a teen nudist for adolescents!

From a pamphlet put out by the Federation of Canadian Naturists.

Reprinted with Permission.

1. You are able to be you! It is so refreshing to be somewhere where nudity isn't sex, read more...