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What is outdoor furniture?

Unlike indoor furniture which can be sheltered from the harsh elements of nature, outdoor street furniture calls for the right material that can weather and last through the different weathers.

Great for parks and open spaces, Jonite's ou

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A strainer (typically referred to as floor drain cover or floor grating/grate) should always be used all the time to protect the floor drain.

Essentially a floor drain is a plumbing fixture installed in the floor with the objective of removing water area it. A floor drain usually is available in various shapes such as round, square or rectangular. Between 2 inches to 12 inches, most flo read more...

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All of us have been to a swimming pool at least more than once in our lifetime.

We all have been to a pool area at least a few times in our lifetime. I am sure you have noticed the drains around the perimeter of the swimming pools.

Water in a swimming pool is required to be constantly circulated through a filtering read more...