5 months ago

Office Carpet Cleaning

Uniq carpet office carpet cleaning exclusive hot water vulsion method eliminates the hardest, deepest dust safely and lightly. Hot, smooth water and a specially developed cleaning solution are injected deep in the carpet fibres using office carpet read more...

8 months ago

Post reno cleaning services Kuala Lumpur

Uniqcare Cleaning can provide a professional and post reno cleaning kl proven best cleaning services following your restoration or new build period o read more...

8 months ago

Remove Allergens about carpet

Allergy Free Rug cleaning is a little more costly than a regular carpet cleaning. Uniq are specialist in carpet cleaning.

But if you act like you suffer from allergy symptoms like hay-fever or Bronchial asthma it is worth the cost.


8 months ago

Steam carpet cleaning

allergensfrom the air through carpet cleaning.

Daily carpet cleaner Malaysia make sure vacuum cleaner is when you have HEPA filtration to read more...

1 year ago

Uniqcare Post Renovation cleaning

After your renovation, you would like to move in to a brand new, clean home. Therefore, it’s preferable to possess a post renovation cleaning soon after the renovation and before your furniture or new home appliances arrive. Bulky items can hi read more...

2 years ago

Sofa & Upholstery Cleaning

Your furniture is as important to a room’s appearance as your carpet. That’s why Uniq Sofa Cleaning kuala lumpur uses Sofa Cleaning kuala l read more...