6 months ago

Acupuncture Tips And Tricks Everyone Should Know

Due to the fact that it is a natural, yet effective procedure, more and more people are using acupuncture as a means of medical treatment. But, how much do you really know about acupuncture? To really benefit from acupuncture, you ought to know as read more...

7 months ago

When To Use A Doctor Excuse?

A doctor excuse is a legal form secured by a patient as proof of his condition. This is commonly used to excuse employees or students from taking the day off and employees will still get paid and students will be given makeup assignments or exams read more...

8 months ago

Learn Everything There Is To Know About Blog Posting

A great way to help your business or yourself as a person grow in fame is by blog posting. Blogging is becoming a pivotal part of our society and how popular some people can become. If you are interested in running a blog, the tips in this article read more...

11 months ago

How To Tartget The Right People With Mobile Marketing

"Mobile marketing" has a number of different definitions, depending on who you ask. Each business sees this type of marketing in different ways, and the implementation of their marketing plans is just as different. It is defined as using cell phon read more...

1 year ago

Social media and sports marketing: examining the motivations and constraints of Twitter users.


In an article by Nielsen Online (McGiboney, 2009), reports show

Twitter grew exponentially from February 2008 through February 2009,

increasing its users from 475,000 to over seven million. In terms of&# read more...