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Divorce :: Dallas Family Law Attorney

Aspects of Family Law practiced by a Dallas Law Firm

Matters of the dissolution of marriage and all aspects of conservatorship and child support are aspects of Family law that requires a lot of expertise.

There are, however, many oth

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How to Start a Law Firm Blog

Whenever I think of a law blog, it reminds me of Scott Baio's character on "Arrested Development." Bob Loblaw also had a law blog. Except when you said it all together it sounded like, "blah, blah, blah, blah".

However, a law blog can provi

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Grace Mugabe asks for diplomatic immunity over alleged assault

Mugabe was supposed to present herself at a police station in a Johannesburg suburb on Tuesday to give a statement but failed to appear, despite her appointment being rescheduled several times throughout the day, South African police said.