2 years ago

The Madden NFL 17 receivers you need

Looking for a top wide receiver to pair with your quarterback in Madden NFL 17? We’ve got you.Having already bestowed our advice on the best Madden NFL 17 quarterbacks to base your team around,

2 years ago

Albion Online Weekly Roundup: Mighty Keeper Artifacts

While we continue to polish the game, getting rid of bugs and improving the overall player experience, we also have some new things to show you this Monday! 

Keeper Artifacts.The Keepers will make their comeback to Albion Online wit read more...

2 years ago

NBA 2K17 Is Doing Something the Franchise Has Never Done Before

2K Sports today announced something totally new for the NBA 2K series. "The Prelude," as it's being called, is a free downloadable NBA 2K17 app for PS4 and Xbox One read more...

2 years ago

Quick Look: Madden NFL 17

A football game that launched with the Nintendo 3DS, developed by EA Sports' North Carolina studio. It was one of the most poorly-received launch titles for the system.MUT 17 read more...

2 years ago

FIFA 17 Demo: EA Sports Ratings revealed for Arsenal, Man Utd and Chelsea

THE NEW FIFA 17 Demo has revealed the EA Sports ratings for the big Premier League teams, including Arsenal, Man Utd, Tottenham, Man City and Chelsea.FIFA 17 closed beta testers have had access to the game for a while now and look to have given aw read more...

2 years ago

Flora and Fauna of the Highlands in Albion Online

Curious about the upcoming highlands biome? Join us as we explore the resources and dangers of the land of the Keepers!Today, we’re showing you what you can expect to find in your adventures through the green highlands.

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