1 year ago

Pagcl Litigation – Shoulder Joint Replacement Lawsuit

It is similar to over here other surgeries, and carries the same risks. The surface of the shoulder socket will be smoothed out, and an artificial lin read more...

1 year ago

Reglan Victims Can Join The Class Action Lawsuit

Wyeth, which is the manufacturer of Reglan, and manufacturers of generic versions such as Baxter, Duramed, Actavis, and Scwarz Pharma have all been trying to stop the consolidation from taking place claiming that it would make it harder for them t read more...

1 year ago

Legal :: Product Liability - The Four Factors Needed to Make Your Case

4. The user could not have been previously aware of the defect.

1. The product had to be unreasonably dangerous.

Product liability applies to anyone using the product. They do not have to be the original purchaser. If the product was read more...