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Adrienne Albert

Adrienne Albert, a licensed real estate broker in NYS, is nationally recognized as a marketing and sales expert in residential real estate and property development. Through her firm, The Marketing Directors read more...

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Real Estate Marketing Tips

People who are interested in acquiring or selling property, can contact either a buyer's agent or a seller's agent respectively. Real estate agents work for brokers, and earn a commission on purchases and sales. Generally, a seller's agent earns m read more...

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Positive Cashflow Real Estate - InfoBarrel

Yes, it does exist

You may have heard of Positive Cashflow Real Estate, and many talk about it, but few people believe that it still exists. Im here to tell you that it does, and the opportunities to secure a positive cashflow real estate p read more...

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Is the party over for real estate investing?

No, we're not talking about regular people's homes. The biggest gains have come from so-called real estate investment trusts -- REITs for short.

REITs are companies that own a lot of different properties. Some REITs specialize in just one read more...

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Which is more likely to give the most for my money, investing in the stock market, or putting my money into a savings account at my local major bank?

It depends on how long you are willing to wait. The stock market is historically a http://dre.ca.gov/ winner, and everything is cheap right now; but you may h read more...