10 months ago

Who's a Journalist? Closing in on a Definition

The debate over "who's a journalist" is getting more urgent. Fortunately, the outlines of a definition are becoming clearer. Might some basic ethical tests help in further drawing the lines?

Once mainly a subject for navel-gazing at journal

11 months ago

Medicine :: Generic Drugs- can they overshadow branded Drugs

While miracles of modern medicine and brilliant pharmaceutical research have greatly improved quality of life and longevity, most of the time, these medicines are so expensive that a serious illness or accident can leave you quite broke! In such a read more...

1 year ago

Mercury Linked to Alzheimer’s Disease

SAN DIEGO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Mercury likely plays a role in the development of Alzheimer's disease

(AD), according to a review of relevant scientific literature published

this month in The Journal of Alzheimer's Disease. Dr. Joachim read more...

1 year ago

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2 years ago

Cryolipolysis for pseudogynecomastia

A new study suggests that invasive procedures are not necessarily the only options for treating pseudogynecomastia.

Traditionally, pseudogynecomastia male breast enlargement due to excess subareolar fat is treated with either liposuction read more...

3 years ago

What Are The Negative effects Of Black Mold In My Health?

Serrapeptase is really a health supplement which includes been safely used in Europe and Japan for decades, but is simply now being discovered here within the USA. Speed was of the utmost importance to commerical hand knitters. Speed was of the ut read more...