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The World's Best Fox Magic Stories

World of CrapStuff That Simply Butters Anime My Toast!In this world many things annoy. The whole scheme about passive income generated by articles you have once written seems read more...

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How to Find Cool Character Names for Superhero Stories

Creating Character Names for Superhero Stories

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10 Best Horror Anime Of Time

What Does BL Stand For?

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Top 10 Anime Series

The Costliest Steampunk Anime!. Romantic anime aren't necessarily pure innocent love stories. Today, there are many anime film filmmakers like Hayao Miyazaki, Shinichiro Watanabe, Akitaro Daichi, etc.

In Japanese,. "Dragon Ball" is approxim

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10 Action Comedy Anime Shows Like Fairy Tail

Have you ever forayed into world cinema? Have you gotten into something beyond your comfort zone and started exploring movies for whatever they truly offer? Once you begin out on that, the barriers of geography, language and format will long be fo read more...

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Manga Messiah Book Review

Anime fans love to demonstrate off the artworkAnime fans love the decorative prints and artwork. This is primarily because whenever we begin studying Japanese, we wish to jump right in and learn how to speak the language. What is a Manga? read more...