2 years ago

10 tips to completing a successful reno

Designing and completing your own project is always satisfying. But sometimes, time and experience are at a premium and you need outside help. When you do, make sure you know how to manage the project so it is completed the way you want it, on tim read more...

2 years ago

Hot tools 2013

By Canadian Home Workshop

The hottest new tool for the shop in the early 1980s was probably a power bar so you could have many power tools plugged in at oncenot to mention the wizardry of the (gasp!) surge protector. Fast-forwa read more...

2 years ago

Build a rustic bench

This lovely little bench suits any decor, indoors or out. Choose a paint colour to make it lively and hot, like this one, or a deep, rich colour; even black will give this bench a handsome appearance. It is a great starter project for novice woodw read more...

2 years ago

Hidden heat: Build a radiator cover with storage

By Michel Roy

Photo by Roger Yip

Getting started

Building a simple radiator cover gets you two home improvements in one. A radiator cover hides a big, utilitarian device in a more aesthetically pleasing pac read more...

2 years ago

Stylish workboot options

By Tara Nolan

The newest workboots look more like high-end hikers than their steel-toed, camel-hued cousins. But they have more going on than their good looksimportant features such as comfort, protection and durability.