3 years ago

Copy Cat

Here is the story of copy cat


I opened usps t shirts  from my desk`s computer at office earlier this morning. I was doing t read more...

3 years ago

Fun discovery at claim baggage

It was a fun shopping day


There is this shop called claim baggage where we can find many things for cheaper price. As its name suggested, claim baggage gets their stuff from unclaimed baggage at airport read more...

3 years ago

My Business Plan

I want to have an online shop


I have come to decision that I want to start a business. Even though this is still my first year in university, but I just want to have a business that can give me extra mon read more...

3 years ago

About My First Post

it takes a while before i can start to share something through this media.as you know, i spend my first 10 years of carrer as chefs and head cooks.here i am blogging from  maine.i feel an urge to write something about my hobby of shirts  read more...