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Sample Letters for Transfer of Ownership

These sample letters for transfer of ownership can be used as they are or altered to fit your personal needs. read more...

11 months ago

Pre-book Pretoria Taxis & Airport Transfers

A Little about Pretoria

Pretoria is in the Gauteng Province northern part, in South Africa. It is the country's three capital cities. Pretoria is the South Africa administrative capital in Gauteng and has many surprises and treasures enfold read more...

11 months ago

Independent Car Repair Shops Have Advantages by Nick Messe

The dealership where you purchased your vehicle is no longer your only option for service and repair. In fact, it is a myth that a dealership can offer the best service. The recent recession in the United States has adversely affected the automoti read more...

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Sign Language Interpreter At Nelson Mandela Memorial Found To Be 'Signing Gibberish'

JOHANNESBURG (AP) -

11 months ago

South Africa's rattletrap taxis move millions

* $3.7 bln industry moves 15 million people a day

* Taxis sprang up informally during apartheid era

* Market dominated by Toyota vehicles

* Nissan returns to taxi market after 18-year hiatus

11 months ago

Shuddle Is a Car Service That's Not for Everyone

The latest ride-sharing service is called Shuddle, but it's not for everyone. It's sort of like Uber for kids.

Shuddle is a ride-sharing app for families that launched in San Francisco this month. The service allows parents to schedule paid read more...

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Travelers Guide To Uk Airport Hotels

Hotels near London Heathrow Airport are available to suit a variety of budgets and location needs. Starting from the most cost-effective option, here is a review of the good life on offer near Heathrow.

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