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Driverless cars create a safety 'dilemma'

Just a few feet ahead, three pedestrians are hurrying across a crosswalk even though it's flashing a red signal. The driverless vehicle's wheels are faster than the pedestrians' feet, and a collision is inevitable.

What should happen next?

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Go ahead and hop that curb: Liberty's got off-road cred

Be sure the four-wheel-drive transfer case is firmly in low range. Good. Now exploit that low gear ratio to get over the tree trunk blocking the short rock path leading down the hill.

Ease forward. Slowly, slowly. Drop the front wheels ove read more...

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Tonka Trucks - National Toy Hall of Fame - Pictures

"Star Wars" action figures are joining centuries-old dominoes in the U.S. National Toy Hall of Fame's class of 2012. A national selection committee chose them from among 12 finalists, which included plastic green army men, the board game Clue, Lit read more...

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What is the difference between 4x4, 4 wheel drive and AWD, all wheel drive?

4-wheel-drive locks the front and rear axles together. That's why it has to be part-time...if you don't disengage it on the street, it will wear out the tires and drivetrain every time you make a turn.

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1948-1950: Willys-Overland Jeepster - Jeep through the years - Pictures

One of the most iconic brands in American automotive history, the Jeep has been on the roads for over 70 years. From the rugged army vehicles of the 1940's to the stylish Wranglers of today, take a tour of the history of the Jeep.

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Cars: Pictures, Videos, Breaking News

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With summer gas prices around the $2.25 mark, it's a lot easier to swallow a trip to the pump than it was back when fue...

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Are Jeeps good cars? | Yahoo Answers

No, they are not good CARS!! They are good JEEPS!!! It's sacrilege to call a Jeep a car (try using vehicle next time)!!!


P.S. I love my Jeep.. it is the most reliable vehicle I have owned. It's a 99 TJ with 103,000 miles on i read more...