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Salt and Pepper: A Brand New Perspective

Salt and Pepper: A Perspective

Have you ever considered salt and pepper? Theres more to it than just the shaker on the table. Pepper is the single reason we're Americans instead of Europeans. Pepper is the most commonly traded t read more...

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A Guide to Pepper Spray Regulations

Pepper spray may be the hottest self-defense system, but it isn't legal in all states. During the time of publication with this writing, common pepper spray law was that you're allowed to make it in every states.

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Persian Mats Just What A Great Cover-up!

A floor of one's house says a great deal about your character and style. To get one more interpretation, please have a look at: persian rug. If you know any thing, you w read more...

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Selecting And Attention Of Persian Mats

Generally speaking the value of a rug is determined by the number of art and work put in the carpet. When considering a rug you will need to consider the quality of the wool and the colors used in the building of the rug.

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Cabbage Soup Recipe

- two green peppers

- 1 or two cans of tomatoes (diced or complete)

- three Carrots

- 1 Container (10 oz. or so) Mushrooms

- 1 bunch of celery

- Half a head of cabbage