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The fact that this file will be read signifies an interest in the naturist lifestyle.

It is strongly recommended the reader might be facing one or more of the problems outlined above. The intention and intent of this informative article i read more...

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The Dilemmas of Nudism and Sexuality Openly Discussed:

Naturism and Sexuality appears to be a hot topic these days. We at Naturist Portal get a lot of of emails and questions every single day about that very matter.
This week we got one such e-mail, from a youthful individual, who desired to know read more...

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Guide to The Sex Positive Movement

The sex positive movement embraces a cultural doctrine that stems from the idea that sex and human sexuality may be a positive force in one's life.

Thi

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BtoB: You know, it is fascinating. I believe that there's definitely a big push for more "real" and "natural" things recently. There are so many compa

The "real" models are still symmetrical, attractive and shot with studio quality light and people who know what they are doing. So, yes, I do believe that

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breastfeeding decline? Sexualizing the female breast meant that exposing it was

obscene. The convenient nature of breastfeeding evaporated. Now moms had to
resort to all kinds of idiotic behavior to feed their infants. They had to conceal
their breast--and their infant--under a towel or blanket. They had to be exiled read more...

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It is so interesting that you simply've asked this. You know, I've encouraged several people to photograph themselves naked. (Now, I need to preface t

It's similar to the rationale all of US cringe when someone desires to take our image. The photograph does not lie, it shows us what's actually there - whether we like it or not. It enables us to to look objectively at what's shown. My naked image read more...