2 years ago

Have you banned from donating blood because you spent time in the U.K. ie b/c of the mad cow disease thing?

A few facts - three people in the UK have died of vCJD (the human form of BSE/Mad Cow Disease) because they were infected from a blood transfusion. http://www.cjd.ed.ac.uk/cjdq60.pdf

The important thing about this is that the person w read more...

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Giving Back During the Holidays – Californians Increase Donations to Charity by 53% During Holidays

SAN FRANCISCO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Causes.com, the largest online platform for social activism, today released results from a December 2010 online survey conducted on its behalf by Harris Interactive regarding Californians habits for dona read more...

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Last minute charitable donations are a good 2014 tax strategy

31 is not as well late.The Colorado Offers site could be a tool in making a contribution as much as the last min, baseding on the broadcast. For any person that has an organizations name, the internet site supplies a way to look into the organizat read more...