1 year ago

Language :: Should Spanish Be Required in Schools?

They may win a couple of prizes for their great amount of participation in the class. As they continue to learn Spanish for a few more semesters, they may understand how to write a few paragraphs in the language. Then, as that same student progres read more...

1 year ago

Music and Math in Education

Just as in math, music is a series of cause and effect formulas with everything having its place and order.

There is a remarkable amount of ways music in the classroom can change children's lives. Also, a child that is accustomed to memoriz read more...

1 year ago

US police storing facial image data of 117 million Americans, report says

The 3 big takeaways for TechRepublic readersMore than half of all American adults are now in a police facial recognition system, as 26 states allow law enforcement to use the technology to search their databases of driver's license and ID photos, read more...