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Healthcare In A Global Economy

A paper patient record is recognized by name, serial, membership, reference or medical record number, and other identifiers that make it easier to find in the physical filing system. Although compliance with the law, including specific OSHA standa read more...

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Dental Hygiene Tips You Must Know

Do you think of your teeth often? If you're like most, you probably don't that much. You won't think about your teeth until there's already a problem. Use the tips from this article to help protect your teeth.

You should brush your teeth fo

12 months ago

New Spinal Cord Implant For Pain No Longer Dangerous In MRI

By Bahar Gholipour, Staff Writer

Published: 08/16/2013 08:18 AM EDT on LiveScience

For patients suffering intense pain that isn't helped by the use of drugs or other treatments, a new device that can be surgically implanted near the read more...

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Today's Car And It's Effects on The Environment

Credit: http://www. Industrial parks emmitting fumes, cars and trucks clogging the freeway, even filling the gas tank on the car adds pollution for the air we must live. It sounds just like a clich, but it happens right before our eyes. Ayurveda i read more...

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Denture Relining for Denture Wearers On A Budget

Are you putting off having denture relining done to your dentures at your dentist, because you can't afford the cost right now? Are you experiencing soreness in your mouth and gum areas? I think oral pain is one of the worst types of pain to deal read more...

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Can an Implant Relieve Chronic Back Pain?

ABC News' Juju Chang, Anna Wild and Sandra Lee report:

Maria Tricoli, of Virginia, said she's enjoying playing with her three children and being free of pain for the first time in five years.

Chronic back pain - which she described a

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Why You Need The Right Woodbridge Va Dentist

12) To develop your creativity - language stimulates your imagination. Every language has its own expressions and ideas that other languages simply don't have.

Sudden blank? Can't think? Frozen? Fearful? Relax. Skip the question and go on. read more...