2 years ago

How a progressive would critique Bernie Sanders' health care plan - The Week Magazine


Whether to push for a single-payer health care system has become a massive flashpoint in the 2016 D read more...

2 years ago

Shari Redstone: Father's "Health Flourished" After Manuela Herzer Was Forced Out - Hollywood Reporter

Shari Redstone has said in a legal declaration that her father Sumner Redstones "health flourished" after former girlfriend Manuela Herzer was forced out of his home.

Viacom president and CEO Philippe Dauman was named Redstone' read more...

2 years ago

State health panel to host webinar on Zika virus - New York Daily News

The Zika virus is linked to microcephaly, a birth defect causing newborns to have unusually small heads and abnormal brain development.

2 years ago

Helpful Tips For Keeping Yourself Fit And Healthy

If you are working harder and achieving less in your personal fitness routine, it is time to take a look at some helpful advice on how you can work smarter, not harder. Everyone can learn something new that can bring better results with less effor read more...