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Beauty Ideas That Work Like A Charm

It may seem a bit complicated to implement a proper beauty regimen into your daily life, but if you arm yourself with knowledge, it can really be fun. It's easy to come up with concoctions or techniques that worsen read more...

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Tips On How To Stay Beautiful As You Age

Beauty comes from the inside, but some help on the outside doesn't hurt. Many people would love to enhance what they've got naturally. The following tips will teach you how to make the most of what you already have.

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Beauty Tips And Tricks For All Ages!

If you have never engaged in a meticulous beauty routine, you may find the idea intimidati read more...

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Carmen Dell'Orefice: eternal grace - Telegraph

BY Judy Rumbold |

13 January 2008

Carmen Dell'Orefice - still working the catwalk at 76 - has a stamina that would shame models a quarter of her age, along with a grace that belies an often turbulent life. She read more...

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Baking Soda and Epsom Salt Bath for Detoxification

Purify with a Detoxification Bath

2 years ago

Tips That Will Help You Become Beautiful

If you want to make yourself look prettier, you should tweak your beauty regimen. You shouldn't wait to do this. Today is the day! You may have many questions about where to begin and what to change, but there is no need to worry - you can find he read more...