1 year ago

Hobbies :: Madame Alexander Doll - Scarlett

One of my favorite vintage Madame Alexander dolls is Scarlett. December 1939 was the debut of the new line of Madame Alexander composition Scarlett O'Hara dolls. These exquisite dolls were the first creations to portray the beauty read more...

1 year ago

Allergy Tips That Will Improve Your Life

People who don't have allergies, don't realize how troublesome it is for people who do. Avoiding allergens is the simplest solution, but isn't feasible for those with symptoms because of airborne particles. Read this guide for more tricks.


3 years ago

How To Make Your Shoes Last Longer!

It can help eliminate dead skin cells. When mixed with natural oils such as olive oil or lavender oil and rubbed all over the body, it can assist get rid of construct up of dead skin cells. Routine elimination of dead skin cells is needed to achie read more...