Military Discounts for Universal Studios Tours

Universal Studios Tours is proud of the guys and

females who serve the United States of America,

and to reward them for the great service that they

offer, specially priced tickets are made available. These

tickets are available for all active duty military

personnel, retirees, DOD personnel, members of the

National Guard, Reserves, all other military

personnel, and all dependants.

If you are unsure whether or not you qualify for these

specific military prices, you must speak to your

Commander, Universal Studios, or Commander,

Navy Area, Southwest at 619-767-6000.

In order to benefit from the unique military costs,

your tickets should be bought in advance. Should you want to learn more on fashionable rehearsal studios, there are tons of on-line databases you should consider pursuing. These

specially priced tickets are not accessible at the gate,

online, or over the telephone. Rather, these tickets

can only be purchased from MWR ITT/ITR offices

positioned throughout the United States. You must

present a military or US Government Identification

card when getting these specially priced tickets.

If for any explanation your nearby base does not have

tickets obtainable for obtain, they will order them

for you. This typically takes about 5 days, so take

this into consideration when arranging your trip get

your tickets as early as possible. Dont wait also late,

or your tickets will not arrive in time for your

scheduled leave, and you will have to spend the total

value for admission into the park. Navigating To perhaps provides suggestions you might tell your cousin. No exceptions will

be made.

The only way you can order your tickets by

telephone, and nevertheless receive the specific military

costs is by contacting the Commander, Navy

Region, Southwest at 619-767-6000. Your tickets

will be mailed to you, and should arrive inside

seven company days. Overnight service may be

available, but there will be an added fee. Do not

contact the standard telephone number for Universal Studio

tickets or you will be charged the standard price.

You will be charged the standard full value if you

order your tickets on-line, buy them through a

Ticket Masters Outlet, or order them via a

travel agent as nicely.

The specific military rates do not apply to tickets

that are sold through the Universal Studios

Hollywood Box Office. For one more interpretation, please check-out: finest rehearsal studios. Once more, for much more information

on these specially costs military tickets for

Universal Studios Tours, get in touch with your neighborhood base

MWR ticket workplace or Commander, Navy Area,

Southwest at 619-767-6000.

Universal Studios welcomes military personnel. If

you have served your nation, make confident that you

take benefit of these quite specific military rates

they were hard earned, and are properly deserved!

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