XL Axiata Axis Capital Group Indonesia Delivers Strong Overall Performance

Jakarta, Indonesia - XL delivered strong overall performance in the first half of the year with revenue up by 12% Year-to-Date to IDR11.6 trillion, the highest ever. This was due to consolidation of Axis and strong performance by XL itself which experienced excellent data revenue increase of 45%. Data traffic more than doubled in the same period, from continued focus on enhancing subscriber experience and range of offerings.


The government is looking to encourage the expansion of fixed broadband infrastructure with incentives; however, mobile broadband will continue to remain the dominant service for internet access.


Increasing saturation of the mobile market and declining voice revenues will force Indonesia's largest telecoms operators to focus on the development of next-generation fixed and mobile data networks.


XL Axiata, on the other hand, remains to be one of the major telecommunication company.  It has 19% market share. The company sees decent growth with the emerging markets performing very well.


Axiata also has leading telecommunications network in Asia including Malaysia, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh among others. The group has over 250 million subscribers in Indonesia and abroad and employs more than 20, 000 people across Asia. Axiata’s vision is to be a regional champion by 2015 by piecing together the best throughout the region in connectivity, technology and talent, uniting them towards a single goal: Advancing Asia.