Scars – An unpleasant reminder that can be erased

A scar is an after effect of an injury. Be it psychological or physical, scars are a constant remainder of something unpleasant and it stays on for a very long time. How good it can be if we can forget few things and move on in life. Today’s blog is going to be on scars caused by accidents, injury or surgery and understand if there are ways to get rid of them.

What is a scar?

Wikipedia refers to scars as ‘areas of fibrous tissues that replace normal skin after injury’. In simple terms, scars are usually the result of the body replacing wounded skin by new tissues. In cases where damage is minimum and only to the top most layer of the skin, scars are not visible and skin heals easily.

In case of severe skin injury, the healing process results in changing the structure of the skin layers resulting in a new skin that is discolored and scarred.

For individuals who are lucky, scars appear, but are not problematic in nature. They fade off once the new skin is totally formed and there is very less visual difference between the scarred area and the skin around it.

Unfortunately, there are cases where the scar causes discoloration of skin, inflammation, pain and discomfort. Visible differences in skin are seen even after months.

Professional psychiatrists say that in case of accidents or other physical trauma, scars keep reminding the affected person of the unfortunate incident and he/she gets psychologically affected every time they see the scar. There are also people who take a lot of effort in grooming and in their case, scars affect their looks.

Whatever the reason is, scars are not a great thing to have. There are 2 basic ways of removing scars. They are

  1. Invasive techniques which involve surgery,  laser treatments etc. and are expensive and painful
  2. Non-invasive techniques use products from the cosmeceutical industry that can be applied on the scars to fade them out

Listed below are few effective scar treatment gel and oils. These products use the latest technology and ingredients and help in achieving a scar free look!

Strataderm Gel

This is a specially designed silicone based gel. This gas permeable and transparent silicone sheet adheres to the skin and stays on for a very long time. It also hydrates skin and protects from chemical and microbial invasion, allowing scars to normalize the collagen synthesis cycles, producing a normal mature scar.

The following are the properties of Strataderm scar therapy gel

  • Dries quick
  • Waterproof
  • Non sticky and non odourless
  • Relieves itchiness and pain and reduces redness and discolouration

Apply a very thin coat of this gel to the scarred skin early in the morning. It works the whole day and it can be followed by using usual garments or cosmetics.

Contractubex gel

Clinically proven safe for skin as sensitive as a baby’s, this product helps fight both old and new scars effectively. It contains

  • Extractum Cepae for anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties
  • Heparin to support cell and tissue regeneration
  • Allantoin which relieves itching and redness
  • It works effectively on burns, surgery marks, abrasions and cuts and it is recommended to use Contractubex gel for atleast 3 months continuously to see results
Mederma Skin Care for Scars

This one of its kind topical gel is clinically proven to reduce old and new scars, improve texture and color of skin. It is non greasy and water based and one time application of the product is enough for the whole day. It is also safe enough to be used with other cosmetic products. you can buy Mederma from leading drug/healthcare stores.


A speciality skin care oil that uses a breakthrough ingredient called PurCellin oil, Bio-Oil helps heal scars, pregnancy stretch marks, uneven skin tone and premature aging. It is non greasy, light and oil free and can be massaged gently on to scarred skin every day for great results.

There are few things we need not live with. Scars are one of those. Move away from people who scar you psychologically and though preventing a physical scar is not possible most times, you can erase them from your skin and your memory by taking good care of yourself.