Know more about Glenmark Cosmocare

The Cosmeceuticals industry is a fast growing sub-sect of the pharmaceuticals sector. It is technically a s.combination of cosmetics and pharma products that have biologically active ingredients, acting like a medicine or drug. India seems to be the top market in Cosmeceutical products amongst all countries in Asia.

‘Researches have determined in India, the per-person expenditure on health is anticipated to grow at an average annual growth rate of 9.5% from 2012-2017 and Cosmeceutical sector will share a considerable percentage of this growth (Source:’.

So what’s this information for? Today’s blog is going to be on a brand called Immanence-IDC from Canada, that specializes in premium anti-aging and skin care products. Glenmark, a leading Indian pharmaceutical company has launched these products from this Canadian brand. This new venture named as ‘Glenmark Cosmocare’ is available in top health care websites and drug stores and is widely recommended by dermatologists around the world.

Listed below are few products that are marketed here in India and their uses and benefits. Every product here is dermatologically tested and is not tested on animals. They are also silicon and paraben free.


This is an anti aging serum that works wonders on illuminating the skin complexion. With time, our skin starts showing uneven tone, pigmentation and fine lines. It contains 41% cosmetic ingredients and can be started early and can be used by people of all ages to maintain a healthy and attractive complexion. The following are the properties of the product