Maroon 5 - Misery Music Video Premiere [Video]

Alright, Maroon 5 fans! The music group led by front man Adam Levine has released the first music video off their next album, Hands All Over, titled Misery. No, it isn't about the book by the same name released by Stephen King!

This track first leaked onto the net a couple of weeks ago, and it was well received. I know I enjoyed it. MTV released this video just moments ago, so yes it is hot on the net!

In the video, we see Levine trying to win back the love of his woman, but she keeps beating on him and trying to kill him. No matter what happens to him though, he survives. To me, my first thought when seeing this video was the Will Smith Hancock. Levine looks like he is truly indestructible here in this video.

It looks cartoon like without the animation, but it is a good video! Definitely worth sitting down for three minutes to watch. The music video directed by Joseph Kahn is the first track off of their third album release, Hands All Over. That one is set to drop onto your store shelves on September 21st with Maroon 5 hitting the road for a tour to promote the release later this month! The first tour date is set for July 30th.

Check out the new Maroon 5 Misery music video below. What do you think? Hot or not? For more music news, go here.


© Regina Avalos