Advantages of high quality Consinee merino wool yarn

Consinee brand yarn is the world domestic leader in the area of high-end cashmere woolen yarn in terms of research and development, production, and export. And Consinee also produce other high quality natural fiber yarns, for example, merino wool yarn. So what are the advantages of this high quality merino wool yarn?

Firstly, it is the Selection of 100% Australian wool material. By using super soft merino wool fiber, Consinee merino wool yarn is Ultra warm and soft for knitting kinds of merino knitwear that people prefer to wear in Winter. This kind of merino wool yarn can breathe freely that makes our human body healthy.
Secondly, it has Small regain. The special spurning processes reduce the moisture regains and so that make sure every customer to experience genuine goods at a fair price.
Thirdly, No soft agent but Good elasticity
The more washed, the better the soft wool stand.
Fourthly, Reactive dyeing and finishing technology
The natural process is not easy to fade. No harm to human safety.
Fifthly, Preshrunk pilling
Advanced technology makes sure it is not easy to shrink. Keep the color beautiful and do not drop points.