Side Suction vs Top Suction

Is side suction or top suction better? Actually they both have their own strengths and weaknesses. We should choose the one suitable for us according to their features instead of simply admitting or denying their fuctions. Therefore we'd better know each one's strengths and weaknesses.

range hood

Side Suction

Side suction is relatively closer to hearth. It changes traditional design of range hood and the way to pull fumes away. When cooking, it can suck fumes out of stove. It adopts the technology of side flow inlet and oil fume seperation, which makes the absorption rate rise to 99% and purification rate rise to about 90%.
Aesthetically, side suction is valid in appearence. Currently the tempered glass panel style is popular in market. Compared with the stainless steel, tempered glass is easier to clear and maintain.

Strengths: better
smoke exhaust effect, no depressive feeling, no worry about head hit and drop of oil, more thorough fumes absorption, environmental protection and energy saving.
Weaknesses: universal large noise.

Top Suction

Top suction is installed above the hearth. In current home furnishing design, this kind dominates, and it's also the traditional style of range hood It pumps the fumes out through the exhaust fan at the top. And it has thin type, deep type and semi-deep type etc.

Strengtgs: model diversity and
convenient cleaning in home furnishing.
Weaknesses: easy head hit and drop of oil when cooking.