LG promotes this phone as being faster to turn on an off

  Because of these flaws, the LG G2 phone does not provide basic email capabilities I require. I'm stunned by this, thinking of all other Android users who (1) MUST include information about their business at the bottom of each email, (2) MUST include legal notices or disclaimers at the bottom of each email, and (3) MUST use the SPACEBAR when writing an email-on-the-go.
My own email signature (which includes compliance information subject to third-party compliance review and approval) includes 680 characters. An email I received from LG also had an email signature over 600 characters. If I'm reading this right, even LG employees would not be allowed to send business emails using the LG G2 D801 phone because of the inadequate length allowed in the signature!
   There is no reason to keep this arbitrary restriction that I can see -- other than to force customers to resort to manually copy-pasting their business signatures and hope that they leave the default less-than-256-characters signature promoting the cell phone carrier's brand.
Also, this phone is just too smart for it's own good. It does not respond consistently to double-taps to wake or to go to sleep if it doesn't think you meant to double-tap. This can be really frustrating. The combo volume buttons and power button on the back of the G2 are not intuitive and require multiple attempts to click the correct button.
  LG promotes this phone as being faster to turn on an off, but the reality is that the phone does not respond every time you double click. So you have to double-click, then wait for a response, then try again.