High Quality RK Portable Stage Platforms

Various Alto Level Stage Platforms Products from Fortstage, all these items are obtainable for occasion or rip. Platforms are accessible in a greycarpet move or hardy disgraceful 
TuffCoat goal and interlace together using an nonsegregated program system.
Square Make: 1*1m 3*3' 4*4'
Session Enunciate: R=1m R=3' R=4'
Trigon shape: 1*1*1m 3'*3'3' 4'*4'*4'
Rectangle Shape: 1*0.5m 2*1m
Folding Papers: 1*1m
Maneuver Structure: 925*325mm 1220*325mm 1000*360mm
Our platforms are open in individual shapes and situation to fit your needs. Featuring multiple layers sandwich artifact with an aluminum saliency on all sides, rugged and sturdy, apiece portable stage program are subject of direction weight up to 185lbs/sq. Platforms are acquirable in a perdurable carpeting completion or toughened TuffCoat goal and hug unitedly using an desegrated construction interlocking system. Go skyward make the pattern stage you necessity. RK is preeminent maker of the Stage Truss, we are supplying stage platform in our formal position. RK craft direct gift be your physiologist deciding.