The skills of color match for various garment(2)

We talk about the skills of color match for various garment last essay. Today, we can look another aspect of the skill of color match from China jackets supplier. I hope that this lesson will really give you help in your daily life when you choose the garment in the market.


Today, the topic is about the color match to have the continuity of beauty.

As we all know that color with the beauty must have a continuity, that is, to make the same color (or similar saturation or brightness) rhythmic appear in the overall color, creating a repetitive, can reflect the beauty of each other, which is why the body accessories, such as earrings, necklaces, belt, bracelets and so on, you can select the homogeneity of metal (for example, all silver) why. This match is definitely nice, although not one hundred percent, but it is the most error-prone. This principle is the most common way is to use: body wears the same color or the same color of accessories, such as: white suit with a yellow shirt and olive green bag (same color continuity beauty). You can try this skill when you buy fashionable and cheap windbreakers for your winter or spring season. Of course, everyone will have his or her own understanding about the color beauty. This is just a general standard for those who may have no knowledge about the color match. For example, I like the match of red and white. Sometimes my friends would say that it is not follow the main trend nowadays as they will chose the match of white and black for the classic color match.


Can you tell me about your color match? We can share with each other for that when we view the site of China softshell jackets wholesale online.