High Power Transistor IGBT FZ800R12KF4 - IGBT Device for Wind Converters

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FZ800R12KF4 is the IGBT (Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor) module that can increase the power of wind turbines and other wind converters. With the ability to produce as much as 800A or 1200V of power, FZ800R12KF4 has proven to generate energy way beyond the usual semiconductors.


Infineon FZ800R12KF4 has a high power switching feature which can improve the performance of wind turbines. It’s also convenient to use on wind energy systems with a weight of only 2.20 lbs.


With the powerful components of FZ800R12KF4, even the strength of wind turbines on offshore areas can be boosted.


With robust module construction, high efficiency and great reliability, FZ800R12KF4 is the IGBT transistor module that’s perfect even for various applications like motor drives, UPS and solar panels.


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