Porta Via Italian Kitchen Restaurant

This is a very authentic italian kitchen in italy where fresh and delicious food made by homemade spices which adds more flavour in food. Its mainly famous for Italian Pasta and Pizza which always prepares by home ingredients,chef Giovanni Desouza and his team create History of Italian Food daily.

All of our pastas and sauces are made fresh in house every day using recipes from chef's extensive experience in Florence Italy. Whenever you come here not just to eat food,eat homemade food with different variety. The atmosphere is very cool and user Friendly which feels you like home.

Special ingredients are used in different varieties of pizza but mainly Real Napolitano Pizza is famous in Nashville adhering to the strict principles set forth by the Vera Pizza Napoletana (VPN) organization of Naples Italy where pizza was invented over 250 years ago. So you enjoy the real fresh food made by Authentic Italian Recipes. Now you can even do Catering Order Online Nashville for italian food. Porta Via is here for you to provide best quality of tasty food.

Lastly, In our Menus Homemade Gelato Franklin which is made in-house and features rich textures and flavors not found in traditional ice cream. Gelato has the least amount of milk fats and is churned with little added air. This adds flavour and taste in food.